Class Job Descriptions- Elicit student strengths and simulate real world skills by having students apply for classroom jobs.  Be sure to accommodate for writing needs so it isn't seen as the best writer always getting the job he/she wants.

PA Masonic Youth Life Skills Conference (Brochure and Registration Form)- This active and exciting conference challenges attendees to develop leadership, respect, relational skills and personal responsibility through a variety of creative approaches and various media. The program will also include active discussions of some of the toughest issues facing students today: drugs and alcohol, violence and conflict resolution, teen sexuality, and others. This year also brings the return of previous “hit” programs, including a day-trip to a high ropes course! 

Periodic Table of Character Strengths- Developed in conjunction with the VIA Institute on Character and featured in The Science of Character, a powerful 8-minute film by Tiffany Shlain and The Moxie Institute.

Question Box Form- Students use these forms for communicating privately with the teacher about classroom or personal issues tied to academic success and/or social emotional safety.

Teacher Report Card- Administer every quarter (or trimester) when distributing student report cards.  Share results with students and action plan together.