RefinED Character was featured on Steps to Self Employment. Listen to the podcast below: 

"Starting a Social Emotional Educational Consultant Business"  

"Working with Scott has been a wonderful experience. We have really appreciated that he approaches through theory and informed practice to develop the outcome. In many ways, we feel like Scott has become another member of our team, as he is highly collaborative and open to feedback. Scott just has a way of communicating that really helps people feel included and can easily understand the information being presented. We have found him to be more invested in the mission/objective of our work than the specifics of what we contracted him to do."

~Amie Jackson, Associate Director of Greek Life, Case Western Reserve University 

"We had Scott speak to our New Member Educators during Hazing Prevention Week. Our students continue to talk about how impressed they were with Scott's approach on educating our members on various topics including Respect, Responsibility, and Relationships. He provided humor and real-life scenarios that really resonated with our students. We would highly recommend Scott and RefinED Character to any college campus."

~Kendall Niccum, Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life, Rutgers University- New Brunswick 

"Scott stressed the importance of building healthy, positive relationships in our Panhellenic Community.  Rather than merely lecturing, this presentation provided an interactive environment to discuss how Greek students and leaders can stop the cycle of hazing. Scott’s excellent presenting abilities and charismatic nature helped to keep students engaged in a productive conversation about peer to peer accountability." 

~Laura Osborne, Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life, Sacred Heart University

"Scott did an amazing job connecting with our students from nearly 60 different colleges and universities. His personal stories, insights, as well as his knowledge of other leadership curriculum made his presentation his own message woven into our curriculum. Scott was a dynamic presenter and engaged the participants in every component of our week-long leadership academy. His command of an audience in our general sessions was impressive. Immediately if he sensed head nodding or sluggishness, he was ready with an energizer for the group. He also walked into a group dynamic he knew little about and was able to adopt, modify, and capture everyone's attention as if he was a member of the organization."

~Chris Martz, Director, Circle K International 

"It was a genuine pleasure to work with Scott Heydt and RefinED Character on The Omega Project. Scott met with me directly to assess my needs and followed up with an action plan. What impressed me most, and helps considerably, is that Scott included suggestions on how we might assess the success of the program right from the start. He also developed a time line that would work to incorporate the new program into the culture of the College rather than having it remain an external program. Personally, Scott's experiences as a leadership consultant, school teacher, and general educator serve him very well. He is organized, knowledgable, and committed to the good work he is doing."

~Chris Jachimowicz, Director of Student Leadership Programs, Muhlenberg College 

"Scott Heydt is an outstanding educator. He is creative, passionate, and deeply committed to making positive change in the lives of students, teachers, and administrators. Scott is one of the finest presenters in the area of bullying prevention, resiliency, and character education. As one of my graduate course instructors he consistently receives the highest evaluations possible. I call on Scott regularly for presentations with depth, creativity, and engaging lessons."

~Thom Stecher, Thom Stecher & Associates

"Scott exists at the intersection of the science and art of teaching; he engages in comprehensive preparation before teaching but also understands how to adapt and respond to the specific needs of the learners he encounters."

~Aidan Brett, A.P. Literature, Springfield School District

"Scott has an inherent ability to relate to undergraduate students -- to empathize with them, to connect with them, and to get them to open up to him. This allows him to facilitate discussions on incredibly challenging topics with ease, and to encourage the students to be both open to new ideas and willing to share their own. He helps students break down barriers and continue their personal journeys towards improvement."

~Nick Frollini, Chapter Advisor, Carnegie Mellon University

"Scott is incredibly passionate about energizing and encouraging teachers. His ideas and methods are innovative, engaging, and easily applied in the classroom. He challenges the way you think about your students, your work, your colleagues, and yourself. I always leave his sessions with new ideas and perspectives for my professional life and my personal life."

~Jennifer Riddle, 1st Grade Teacher, Great Valley School District

“Over the summer (2013) I got the opportunity to go to the Life Skills Conference, and there I got an even more amazing opportunity to have Scott as my counselor. Scott really helped me to get out of my shell and to find who I am and not to let life's obstacles discourage me or bring me down. Scott has been a huge inspiration and role model to me and I couldn't thank him enough for that.”

~Amalie, Student