Subcontracted Professional Learning Facilitator

Teaching, Learning, Succeeding provides a research-based approach to professional learning that increases the likelihood that all teachers and students will succeed.

Subcontracted Senior Trainer/Standardized Patient/Coach

Spirit Communications provides corporate training, standardized patient training, and individualized coaching with a specialty in understanding how people receive, process, and express information and feelings.

Subcontracted Graduate Course Instructor/Facilitator

Thom Stecher & Associates is dedicated to assisting schools, educators, and students achieve their highest level of potential through the lens of social emotional learning.

Masonic Model Student Assistance Program Facilitator

The Masonic Model Student Assistance Program (MMSAP) allows a core team of educators to identify, intervene with, and create appropriate referrals for students that may be at risk for issues such as substance abuse, depression, suicide, or violence. 

Subcontracted Facilitator

Resonance Education is a team of consultants and professional learning facilitators who collaborate with administrators and staff to establish system-wide learning communities that foster social, emotional, and academic growth.