Organizational Planning Retreat: A Series of Haikus


  Location is key.
  Retreat means separation
  from daily stressors.

  Agenda and goals--
  Measurable outcomes to
  focus each member.

  Gain advanced buy-in
  A retreat without members
  is lone reflection. 

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  Circle up. Yes you!
  Members in the very back. 
  You are important.

  Revisit outcomes.
  We support what we create.
  All voices needed.

  Many, few, many.
  Large and small group 
  dialogue and activity.

  Revisit outcomes.
  Do you see a pattern yet?
  Yes, it's important!

  Assign champions.
  Who's in charge of each task and 
  when will it be done? 


  Thorough overview,
  observations, suggestions,
  and plan in report.

  Please give us honest feedback.

  You grow when we grow.