We specialize in social emotional development for K-12, collegiate, and non-profit communities. 

At RefinED Character we emphasize experiential learning and rich dialogue. View the compilation above from an Inclusion graduate course, conducted in partnership with Thom Stecher & Associates and Neumann University.

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National Masonic Foundation for Children

Through the support of the National Masonic Foundation for Children and local Masonic lodge donations, RefinED Character teams with Newman-Stecher International to deliver staff development and student-centered programming around topics of Student Assistance Teams, safe schools, diversity, and suicide/depression. Find out more at http://www.masonicmodel.org/

Find out more about The Omega Project: Hazing Ends Here, RefinED Character's student-directed, anti-hazing program for high school and collegiate athletic communities as well as campus Greek communities.


Students and administrators respond to "HAze"

From Producer David Burkman, "HAZE" sparks campus dialogue about issues such as fraternity and sorority hazing, gender politics, sexual misconduct, and the desire to belong.

Listen to what students and administrators have to say about the film. Click here to learn how to bring HAZE to your campus.

Audience gathers at Radford University screening