Staff Development: 

the RefinED Character Way

First, when we sit, we sit in circles. Circles are inclusive. Circles place everyone in direct contact. Circles reinforce that the facilitator is not the focus--the staff enacting change afterward is the focus.

Next, we reinforce our purpose together and reconnect with one another. Educators deeply connect with students each day. But how often are we deeply connecting with our colleagues?

Then, we move. Development does not happen glued to a chair. Meaningful interaction--intellectual, movement-oriented, empathetic--connects the mind and heart. When this occurs, true wisdom is achieved.

Always, we question. What does this information mean to you? How will this information impact the students? 

Always, we reflect. Was the experience valuable? What additional support is needed? How can we better serve you?

Finally, we thank you. Fewer jobs are more difficult, more time-consuming, more rewarding than education. One can never say it enough.

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