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EDU 526: Safe schools: conflict management, anger control, and violence prevention

This course is designed to provide concrete, immediate, experiential, prevention/intervention skills to deal with the issues of conflict, anger, and violence. Conflict is constant in the lives of ever-changing human beings, but conflict, left unchecked, becomes unhealthy. Anger and subsequent violence have brought fear into our schools, classrooms, and our children’s daily experience. No one is perfect. It is unrealistic to think we can avoid conflict and anger completely. Furthermore, it is unrealistic to think these emotions cannot be harnessed in a safe, healthy manner. In this course, we will cognitively and experientially understand the “seeds” of violence and develop healthy individual and school system responses. 

  • Self-paced online
  • 3 Graduate level credits through Neumann University
  • In cooperation with Thom Stecher & Associates
Course Window: June 19 - July 18, 2017                                               Click here to register


Classroom leadership stems from genuine and engaging practices meant to enliven instruction and enhance community and inspire through encouragement and relationships. 

Drawing upon the latest research and professional practices in both the education and corporate worlds, the course invites participants to deeply analyze their own instructional practices and create a practical action plan for future development as a classroom leader. In alignment with the community focus, communal participation during the course is expected despite the online setting.

  • Hybrid Model
  • 3 CPE Graduate Credits 
  • In cooperation with Berks County Intermediate Unit
Course Window:  July 17 - September 1, 2017                                     Click here to register