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If It Takes Time, It's Worth It

Posted by Scott Heydt on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 Under: Why Social Emotional Education?

RefinED Friends,

Today, two weeks post leg surgery, I visited my surgeon for a follow up appointment.  In four weeks, I can return to my athletic passion--running.  "Go slow," the surgeon warned me.  "The biggest mistake people make after a surgery like this is trying to get back to it too quickly.  Go slow."

Confession:  I am not a patient person.  

"But Scott," you say, "aren't you a teacher?  Doesn't that necessitate patience?"  

True, in the classroom I can often channel my patience in service of others.  What I lack is patience with issues involving me. My ambitions often exceed my reality, and the waiting becomes the hardest part.  So, you can imagine my cringe when I heard those words, "Go slow." 

On my drive home from the hospital, sitting in traffic on I-76, I considered "Go slow" in regards to social emotional learning (seriously, I's not just a cheesy connection for a blog post).  Want students to learn some nifty trick that will raise standardized test scores a few points?  Sure, that's a quick fix.  But self-awareness, social skills, resilience?These things take time. 

The stressors of the classroom and school system make teachers believe they aren't making a difference if they don't see immediate results.  We must always remember, if it takes time, it's worth it.  And if it's worth it, we must take the time.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some slowing to go.


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