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Celebrity and Teacher are Synonymous

Posted by Scott Heydt on Monday, January 27, 2014

RefinED Friends,

They burst through the glass doors before I had taken five steps from my car.  Flanked on both sides by hugs, I walked inside with them and was met with dumbfounded looks by Starbucks patrons.  Had a celebrity entered just now? By the smiles and excitement of my two former students, with whom I was visiting this Sunday, you might have thought so. One student's mother, accompanying the two, had already secured a table and treated me to a beverage.  The girls had a handmade card waiting for me telling me they missed me.  I was and am humbled.

Teachers aren't glory-seekers.  They don't chase the spotlight, expecting celebrity status.  But, as it turns out, while we may not define ourselves as celebrities, our profession is, in fact, synonymous with the word "celebrity."  

Try this yourself if you'd like.  Visit and type in "celebrity."  Now, follow this pathway of words, click by click.


It's a quicker connection than 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon!

So next time you're at the movies, watching TV, or streaming Netflix, consider who the real celebrities are in your life. Chances are, they are your luminaries, your leaders, your guides.  Perhaps, even your teachers.


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