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"I Love Them All"- Celebrating a Student's Success

Posted by Scott Heydt on Tuesday, April 8, 2014

RefinED Friends:

It's important to celebrate our students' accomplishments. Although I'm no longer in the classroom, I received a heartwarming e-mail last week from a former student. A poem she wrote was chosen from among thousands of entries as a distinguished winner in the 6th Annual "Pets Add Life" Children's Poetry Contest. She sent it to me because she says I inspired her to write more. I'm beaming with teacher pride and wanted to share with you, the readers. Without further ado, here is her award-winning poem!

I Love Them All

I was having a tough year,

Until she magically appeared.


Arriving as if she had heard my cries.

So kind, so gentle, just look into her eyes.

Friendly, loyal, trusting and fun,

the best part is,

our adventures have just begun.

Pets are what I'm talking about.

Cats, gerbils, hamsters and trout.

Guinea pigs, fish, tortoises too,

ferrets, lizards, birds, a wallaroo!

Turtles, snakes, horses, spiders,

frogs, toads, a sugar glider.

I love them all,

and if I had my way,

all these pets would be mine today!

But for now it must be,

Morgan's the only pet for me.

by: Sophie

Celebrate student success! It shows you love them all!


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